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Patient Safety 101 Microcredential Spring 2024

Time limit: 180 days

Spots remaining: 4


Full course description

In this SaferCare Texas Microcredential, HSC faculty & staff, students, and  as well as external audiences learn the core concepts of patient safety. Upon completing this training, HSC participants will gain knowledge and skills to facilitate patient safety embedded leadership skills and mindsets which address patient safety issues that eliminate preventable harm.

Patient safety, in alignment with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), addresses not only patient safety but also workforce safety by making patient healthcare safer by both reducing harm and preventable mortality and ensuring the safety and resiliency of the organization and healthcare workforce, a precondition to advancing patient safety.

Estimated Hours to Complete: 30


In the past 20 years, patient safety has become a major concern for our healthcare system and providers, although evidence-based, effective best care practices are seldom shared and implemented. Issues related to knowledge base, leadership, culture, and building skills are necessary to avoid preventable harm to key stakeholders such as healthcare organizations, clinicians, and most importantly the patient.



To be eligible for this microcredential you must be either faculty or staff affiliated with an accredited clinical or healthcare provider program, a current student enrolled in an accredited clinical or healthcare provider program, a healthcare administrator, provider or instructor of future providers. Students must be in good academic standing. Prospective learners should express an interest in patient safety, and be both committed and available to participate in all training acitivites. 

To earn this microcredential, learners will complete four milestones delivered through a blend of asynchronous online modules, and synchronous virtual or in-person volunteer activities. The four milestones are:

  • Milestone 1: Patient Safety 101
  • Milestone 2: Culture of Safety and Leadership
  • Milestone 3: High Reliability Organizations and Leadership
  • Milestone 4: Introduction To The Science of Improvement

Required activities can be completed within 30 hours, made up of instruction and exercises to demonstrate patient safety concepts. Required synchronous and asynchronous activities build knowledge through an online series and in-person service learning, most of which is self-paced but within a time limitation. Completion of the microcredential is to be accomplished during a 6-month block.

Course Faculty: