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Community Health Worker Instructor Sp 23 is a Course

Community Health Worker Instructor Sp 23

Time limit: 120 days

$1,200 Enroll

Full course description

Community health worker (CHW) instructors provide training to CHWs or other CHW instructors. They know about the role of a CHW, adult education methods, core competencies, and curriculum development. CHW Instructors provide culturally-relevant education on a diversity of health topics.

  1. Evaluate and implement entry-level proficiency in CHWI skills including understanding and teaching the role of a CHW, effective adult education methods, imparting core competencies and curriculum development.​
  2. Develop and mentor CHWs imparting job readiness and professional skills necessary for employment in the CHW field.​
  3. Define ethics, scope of practice, professional boundaries, conflict resolution, self-care, time management, & skills for giving & receiving constructive feedback.​
  4. Analyze & evaluate health information from public health, behavioral science, evidence-based & cultural perspectives teaching CHWs to use best practices for health promotion.​
  5. Appraise and apply core concepts for CHWs to work effectively with diverse clients and communities, including cultural humility and ecological perspective.​